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Design for the digital era

Solving problems with creative communicatie, that’s what we try to achieve with Mixed Reality.


Innovation for everyone

Training and supporting people is worth every penny, as long as its done well. This is essential and something we keep in mind with our new way of learning and communicating.

Every person and brance can use innovation. Efficiency and saving costs are often the key factors, but it brings more than that. Increasing effectivity, quality and fun for example.

Mixed Reality isn’t VR or AR. Instead it lets you interact with digital overlays in the real world with your own hands. The technical details aren’t as important, it matters what it can mean for your business or branche.

You don’t need a full-fledged plan in case you want to see what MR can do for you. We love to explore possibilities together. Let’s see what impact we can create together, for the challenges of today and the future.

Resuscitation & AED

Keep learning, especially now

How do you keep people motivated to lifelong learning? Common obstacles are cost and time, but also old-fashioned, outdated or not challenging teaching materials. Our solutions can help.

3D video instruction used in Mixed Reality CPR performing the chinlift to hear if the patient is breathing

3D instructor Micha gives an explanation of how to act and why.

With our Mixed Reality resuscitation course, students can learn CPR, practice and test in a playful way, regardless of time and place. This can all be done in modules and without compromising on quality. Velicus’s resuscitation course meets all requirements and is officially certified by Het Oranje Kruis.

Curious about a demo of this course? We give corona-proof demonstrations  of our solutions via an online connection, where you can watch live from the eyes of a student. Would you rather experience it yourself? That is also possible. One of our colleagues is happy to come by for a one-on-one remote demonstration – all according to the Covid guidelines. Wanna try?

A holographic victim with an AED laying on the floor

The 3D victim is projected over the CPR dummy, bringing you closer to reality. For example, you can cut open the victim’s virtual t-shirt and place virtual electrodes from the AED on the body.

It is good to know that Velicus is not a trainer himself and prefers to work with existing trainers and current suppliers of such training. There may be exceptions.

Are you a trainer and would you like to become a reseller or are you an organization that would like to start with the resuscitation course? Please contact us for the partner program. For other questions, you can also first take a look at our FAQs.

See our demo


Anywhere, anytime

Mixed Reality goes beyond education. With the solutions of Microsoft services through Microsoft Dynamics 365 you can offer guidance and support in various areas via the HoloLens 2. This means that you can assist people remotely with new technology, but also as an expert. This offers opportunities within all kinds of sectors and branches.

Woman operating equipment while being guided by a person using Remote Assist on the Hololens2

Remote Assist
This allows you to make hands-free video calling and provide visual instructions from a distance. Consider, for example, a theater technician who has a specific question with regard to lighting and wants to call in an expert who could watch and help. This no longer has to be done physically on location, because with Remote Assist and the HoloLens 2, the technician can share the image. The expert on the other hand can provide directions on their own screen with visual aids in the technician’s field of view. For example, circling or pointing with arrows of important control points or inserting text. Furthermore, it is of course also possible to communicate verbally and to share documents and images that could help. These documents can be placed in the viewing area without disturbing the technician’s image.

With this application, Velicus is currently researching various use cases at ten healthcare institutions in the Gooi- en Vechtstreek and Almere region.

See the video
Surgeon using Microsoft Guides with the Hololens2 to inspect a patient


Guides creates an environment in which you can digitize the learning and execution of a process visually and with audio. The necessary guidance when carrying out and teaching an assembly process or a fixed sequence of actions will be replaced by Guides in combination with the HoloLens 2. By combining Guides with Remote Assist, an employee can learn in a practical way at any time under supervision.

The number of hours of (physical) supervision decreases, the employee always has a system to fall back on when things are not clear and the chance of assembly errors decreases. As an organization, this not only saves time and money, but also increases the quality and quantity of production.

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