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Should you go for the Microsoft HoloLens?


What makes the HoloLens so special

Hololens 2“Wow, that is a very expensive device” is what I hear quite often. The HoloLens 2 is indeed on the pricey side when you compare it to smart glasses or virtual reality glasses. But there’s a fine lining. There aren’t many really comparable devices because the HoloLens offers so many options. The headset is developed by Microsoft and this offers several advantages. These range from ease of use to security. 


Managment & security 

The headset uses Windows and is fully integrated with Microsoft security capabilities. This means that as an organization you can fully manage the device, just like a laptop or mobile phone. Think of data protection or identity security using Windows Hello. You can even log in with an iris scan. Cool technology right? You don’t need an extra computer for this either, because everything is built into the HoloLens itself.


HoloLens ClickThroughIntegration

Because you can log in with your Microsoft 365 data, it also has a high degree of integration with the associated applications. This means that the Microsoft Store is available and you have access to various applications. From the well-known Outlook and OneDrive apps to applications that help you get remote support while you have your hands free, such as Remote Assist.

There are also 3rd party apps, such as our CPR course, that actually support the learning process and enable students to really master what they have learned.


Mixed Reality 

“But Virtual Reality makes me nauseous!” That happens very often. I suffer from it a lot myself. The beauty of the HoloLens is that you continue to see your own environment. As a result, your eyes and brain are less confused, so that you do not experience nausea. Only digital 3D objects are added to your environment. Plus, you can often decide for yourself where you place these objects and you do this with your hands! The headset uses hand-tracking technology so that you have your hands free to do what you want to do.

This is what we call Mixed Reality. You really experience a fusion of reality and digital. In addition to operating with your hands, there is also the option to do this using the built-in eye tracking in combination with voice recognition.

Endless possibilities 

It is a multi-deployable device that uses the very latest techniques. Both in terms of hardware and software. It just depends on which technologies an application uses. From AI and machine learning to IoT in combination with data analytics. Almost anything is possible.

Think of applications that predict that a machine will need maintenance and then show where and what needs to be maintained. This allows the technicians to walk around safely and check the machines.

Or applications that help car manufacturers to correctly place a side mirror. The app calculates everything and immediately shows what the rider sees. The engineer studies the car with the HoloLens on and immediately sees the effect of the adjustments.

The HoloLens can handle all this using the computing power of the Microsoft Cloud. And that’s what the price tag is for.

I want to get started! 

Before you get started with the HoloLens and Mixed Reality, it is important that it really adds value for end users and for the organization. Using a new technique because it’s so cool, however understandable, will have less of a chance of success. It is therefore good to first ask yourself, what will it bring to my organization and end users? Also ask yourself, what will happen if I don’t do this?

Would you like more info or try it yourself? Please contact us for a free demo!