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In short

Mixed Reality places virtual objects in your surrounding which you can interact with using your own hands.

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Pfoo, there are quite a few terms nowadays. Check the video to see what the difference are!


Augmented Reality

AR puts a digital layer over reality that you control through an interface.

Virtual Reality

VR shows an entire virtual world for which you use controllers to interact.

Mixed Reality

MR blends digital elements with the real world, which you can interact with using your hands.

Why do we use Mixed Reality?

We see Mixed Reality as a unique training tool. Unlike AR & VR, you stay in your own environment, which brings it closer to reality. It is also very simple to use. Because you use your own hands to interact with the digital world, everyone can get started right away.

What we make
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We aren't the only ones

Healthcare Case Studies

Healthcare can use some support. Find out how Mixed Reality supports care teams, improve patient experiences, provide faster, better and cheaper care and train staff more efficiently.

Education Case Studies

The next generation will increasingly work with technology. See how they are already using Mixed Reality to improve learning outcomes, reduce time needed and provide them with a more immersive experience.

Want to do something with Mixed Reality?

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