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Meet the founders


Meet the founders

Starting their journey back on the 10th of October 2019, founders Daniel Schinkel and Niels Broekhaus had their hearts set on innovating and changing the educational healthcare scene. They have put together a stellar team of dedicated and talented individuals to create the perfect startup stew. Each employee has the self-motivation and intent it takes to get a small business going. 

Why are we all so dedicated to our job? That’s because working for these two awesome guys makes it all worth it! Read our exclusive interview with both founders and we guarantee that you’ll be charmed as well.    

Daniel Schinkel & Niels Broekhaus testing the Hololens 2

What was your mission at the start of Velicus? 

Both: To show people in safety training, such as first aid and emergency response, that learning should be fun. We especially wanted to attract a younger audience and get them to have interest in these topics. Over time, we have found out that Mixed Reality (MR) can support education in general enormously. 


Why did you choose to start a business in this industry?

Daniël: To help and motivate people to have a lot of fun in learning. And to continue that momentum for a lifetime. We saw a need among students in various key areas: ability to learn on their own time, at their location of choice, flexibility of repeating modules (shorter and more often), more realistic materials and innovation

Niels: I started a nursing course back in 2012.  I had an internship within various departments at the hospital and worked side jobs at various healthcare institutions. After I graduated, I was inspired to switch from working in healthcare to working on care. During my position as advisor in policy, quality and innovation I saw many opportunities. In particular, making ‘care’ more sustainable, contemporary and efficient. 


Founders Daniel Schinkel & Niels BroekhausWhy did you both decide to become entrepreneurs?

Daniël: The idea began after I finished college and started working as a journalist. In that industry it is very common to work as a freelancer. I was also working as a first aid instructor and I saw a need for innovative teaching materials. After the introduction of MR by Niels, I saw a lot of opportunities and there aren’t any companies that create such teaching materials. So that’s when Niels and I took the plunge and started Velicus.

Niels: When I look back, I’ve always had something entrepreneurial in me. For example, I started with a small trade in sweets in primary school, the tensioning of tennis rackets during high school, the creation and sale of education books at the University of Applied Sciences and a first aid company at events during university. The reasons why I started doing business is the bit of freedom to do what you like, learn something new every day and do versatile work. I often missed this when I started working somewhere as an employee. 


How would you describe Velicus’ corporate culture?

Both: An open culture in which trust, and appreciation are central. There is plenty of room to learn from mistakes and bring in your own ideas. In addition, we like to celebrate our successes. We are a flat organisation in which we like to work itself-organising teams. At the moment we are still relatively small but will continue to maintain this strategy during growth. In these difficult times of COVID-19 we try to make the best of the situation we are in since we can’t arrange in person meetings. Fortunately, we have been able to make things work and the cohesiveness between colleagues has remained intact. 


What is unique about Velicus?

Daniël: I think the composition of people from different backgrounds. Everything fits so well together. In addition, I also believe that it is good if a software company has started from a viewpoint of combining the needs of the market/customer and technology. 

Niels: Making high-tech technology available to everyone. We are therefore not like the standard IT companies that always want to promote the latest gadgets. Many people quickly get confused  because they are inundated with complex concepts and pictures. Keep it simple! We want to enable everyone to have passion and the ability to learn continuously. We always strive to make our courses more fun, contemporary and accessible. 


Hololens menu for Velicus CPR+What services or products do you offer now? 

Both: We offer three solutions for the healthcare and safety sector. The first are our own SaaS application(s) such as the CPR+ and Fire+. The second solution is to create custom applications for our clients by implementing Microsoft 365 Business applications such as Remote Assist. 

We’re sure you’ve become curious to try our products by now… give us a call. Both the founders and the staff are more than happy to give you a personal demo!