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‘Wow, so cool!’

Seeing Experiencing is believing

Mixed Reality can be hard to imagine. We can show you how it works on a live call and discuss what the pro’s, cons & possibilities of MR are.

Watching someone else use it can still be different from when you handle a digital object with your own hands for the first time. Are you in the Netherlands? Then you can request a free live demo to experience it for yourself!

Let's set it up!

Book your free demo now!

Fill out the form and we will contact you to organise a demo for you and your organisation! We can set this up at our office or over at your location if you’re within the Netherlands. A demo lasts two hours on average, but if you want to talk/ play a little longer, this is also possible of course.


For anyone abroad, we will schedule a video-call instead. Still prefer a live demo? Please get in touch.

Want to plan something even quicker? Give a call!

+31 (0) 20 2800 840


Demo’s are best suited for groups of ~8 people max. With more, not everyone might experience it for themselves. We respond within 48 hours on working days. We strive to get you a free demo within 2 weeks, but this can’t be guaranteed.